Director, Supply Chain Management
Charlotte, NC

Manages the procurement of multi-discipline equipment and materials for mPower design and development, including:
• Establishes requirements for and assures implementation of procurement engineering processes in development and issuance of purchase requisitions and purchase orders within the mPower supply chain to ensure conformance with applicable quality and technical codes, industry standards, regulatory requirements (e.g., NRC, INPO) and company policies and procedures.
• Plans procurement activities by integrating design and manufacturing procurement schedules and identifying potential Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) and Counterfeit, Fraudulent, and Suspect Item (CFSI) risks and threats.  Establishes and executes countermeasures according to industry best practices and methods with support from engineering and Quality Assurance units.
• Manages suppliers by planning and executing supplier qualification, inspection, surveillance, and Approved Supplier List control in conjunction the QA department in accordance with the agreed division of responsibilities and accountabilities.
• Serves as the responsible material interface between procurement and engineering staff to ensure the accomplishment of procurement support functions throughout the supply chain, especially key suppliers.
Cost center responsibility for staff budget.  Limited CAPEX budget responsibility initially but as SCM grows into supplier management there will be CAPEX needed to outfit receipt inspection capabilities (inspection devices, work space, etc) to support CGD and CFSI verification.
Supervise a staff of five or more professional procurement staff with expertise in engineering, quality, and supplier oversight and administration. Supervises contractors on an as needed basis.
1. Develop technical and quality standards for:
   a. Procurement documents and specifications for nuclear items and services that conform to safety-related and graded quality requirements, including those procured by Commercial Grade Dedication, to assure proper application of requirements, acceptance criteria, and assessment.
   b. Control of purchased items and services including supplier evaluation and selection, acceptance of items and services, and verification of acceptance criteria.
   c. Handling, shipping, and storing nuclear items and services for inclusion in procurement documents and specifications that conform to safety-related and graded quality requirements, including those procured by Commercial Grade Dedication.
2. Interface and support of QA procurement functions per agreed divisions of responsibilities and accountabilities for the above policies and standards.
3. Interface and support of engineering managers and specialists in order to keep abreast of current and upcoming projects, schedules and emerging issues.
4. Plan supply chain procurement activities by use of suitable standard methods (Material Assignment Schedules, Bill of Materials, Procurement Schedules, etc.) to assure purchase documents and supplier evaluations are coordinated with project activities.
5.  Establish and implement supply chain risk assessment to identify needs and risks pertaining cost, schedule, CGD and Counterfeit, Fraudulent, and Suspect Items (CFSI).
6. Maintains frequent contact with contractors, INPO and NRC personnel in order to discuss procurement problems and solutions. Represents GmP in industry forums.
Job Qualifications / Requirements
A Bachelor's Degree in engineering from an accredited college or university; or equivalent education, training and experience.

Ten or more years of engineering experience associated with the design, construction, maintenance, modification or operation of a power generating plant with at least three years associated with procurement engineering. Must have experience with the Quality Assurance programs and applying industry standards and best practices.
A Professional Engineering (PE) License is desirable.
A broad knowledge of industry guidelines, codes, standards and regulatory requirement and specialized knowledge of the operating license and construction design basis, procurement requirements and standards including ANSI, IEEE, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), regulatory guides, ASTM, EPRI, NUMARC and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, etc. Ability to analyze complex technical problems and determine the most cost effective solutions within company and quality requirements.
Travel Required  30 - 40%